CAD Surveying and Design

Australian Computerised CAD Design Specialists

The team at Yellow Box Computing are Australian leaders in CAD Surveying and Design for sports turf consultants using their own unique combination of CAD, engineering and graphic design technologies to produce accurate designs, modelling, surveys and information to assist with sports turf project construction.

Computerised CAD Surveying and Design for sports turf projects, including golf courses and sports fields, assists in the construction and renovation of sports turf sites with the provision of:

  • Master Plans including Contour Plans, Irrigation Plans, Drainage Plans and Earthwork Calculations.
  • Contour Plans containing accurate levels to assist with construction. Contour Plans can also be used to highlight existing or potential drainage issues.
  • Setting Out information showing site features including sprinkler layouts, drainage lines and the position of wickets, tees, green, fairways, bunkers, fences, buildings, paths, roads, etc.

Accuracy is paramount to Yellow Box Computing with construction companies using our expertise to determine levels that are used by machinery guided by computer automation in the construction and reconstruction of major sports turf projects.

Comprehensive CAD Surveying of existing sports turf sites can also be undertaken by the Yellow Box team to give an accurate record of all features of the site including existing contours, drainage layout and irrigation systems. This can assist with determining new levels for reconstruction that fit with existing drainage outlets and irrigation infrastructure.

Yellow Box Computing also provides sports turf consultants and construction companies with:

Yellow Box Computing has many years experience working with major sports turf construction companies needing precise modelling and surveys of projects to ensure accurate project planning, surveying, design and construction via use of complex CAD surveys.

You can see some examples of Our Projects and read about our vast experience in computerised CAD designs for golf courses and sports grounds in About Us.

Are you a Sports Turf Consultant, Sports Turf Superintendent or Construction Company looking for accurate CAD Designs and Surveys for current or existing sports turf sites? Make an appointment today to talk to Yellow Box Computing via Contact Us, email or phone 0439 338 034.