Computerised CAD Designs for Golf Courses and Sports Grounds FAQ

How does the Yellow Box software system differ from other CAD design approaches for sports turf projects?

The Yellow Box approach does not rely on the use of just one software system alone to establish computerised CAD designs. We use elements of several CAD technologies, as well as engineering and computerised graphic art programs, to produce superior modelling and designs to assist sports turf consultants, sports turf superintendents and construction companies.

What experience does Yellow Box Computer have in working on major projects?

Yellow Box Computing were the first in Australia to develop a software system for CAD designs and modelling for golf courses and sports fields. Since the mid-1990s we’ve been assisting Australia’s leading turf specialists on projects including the reconstruction of greens at the Royal Melbourne Golf Course and the construction of Etihad Stadium playing surface and the Royal Randwick Racetrack. See more Yellow Box Projects.

Does Yellow Box Computing only assist the sports turf industry?

No, Yellow Box Computing can assist organisations needing CAD Surveying and Design as well as CAD Irrigation System Design that lie outside of the sports turf industry.

Does Yellow Box Computing undertake CAD Surveys on behalf of clients?

While our expertise does include CAD surveys of golf courses and sports fields to assist turf managers by showing drainage layouts, the positioning or existing irrigation, the positioning of cricket wickets, the positioning of tees, greens, fairways and bunkers and other features including paths and roads – this is only a small aspect of our business. If you need CAD Survey assistance please Contact Us to discuss.

We’re looking to reconstruct an entire golf course. Can your CAD Surveying and Design Services assist us incorporating our existing drainage systems into the new design?

Absolutely. Yellow Box Computing can use CAD Surveying and Design to incorporate existing drainage outlets in the reconstruction.

Can new features of a golf course or sports field by added to an existing CAD Survey?

An existing CAD Survey can be easily updated to incorporate new features.

Where does Yellow Box Computer operate?

Yellow Box Computing is based in Melbourne but we assist sports turf constants, sport turf superintendents and construction companies working on projects throughout Australia. As Australian leaders in computerised CAD Surveying and Design for golf courses and sports complexes, we welcome inquiries from Australia-wide, and also overseas.

Learn more about computerised CAD designs for golf courses and sports grounds including CAD Surveying and Design, CAD Irrigation System Design, Earthwork Calculations and 3D CAD Flythroughs and Modelling.

You can also view a small selection of Our Projects and find out more about the Yellow Box Computing team in About Us.
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  • Drainage Design
  • Irrigation System Design
  • 3D flythroughs

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