Beverley Road Oval reconstruction

Posted on July 19, 2023 in Projects

Yellow Box Services, in partnership with the City of Banyule and Evergreen Construction, designed and then reconstructed the Beverley Road Oval in Heidelberg. The area being on a flood plain had drainage issues during the winter months and had to withstand the high demand on the playing surface during this time of year, when the previous damage to the playing surface had occurred.

This has been achieved with the sand profile in conjunction with the drainage and irrigation design. The addition of a concrete footpath around the entire oval perimeter allowed for year-round access by the many patrons of the park and sporting community.

A time lapse video (gratefully supplied by the City of Banyule), shows the project in its entirety from the turning of the first sod by Evergreen, to its completion and then the first month of use.