Ballarat City Oval design upgrade makes surface playable year-round

Posted on August 28, 2018 in Projects

Yellow Box Computing recently completed a CAD design for the Ballarat City Oval with the goal of having an oval that could retain an optimal playing surface during all weather conditions.

The original oval couldn’t stand up to the Ballarat winters with the cold and wet conditions there making it hard to have a suitably dry playing surface. The project was one in a number of sand based oval upgrades for the City of Ballarat. With the project was starting in late 2017 and finishing this year. The upgrade involved the ground being stripped of all the existing materials and resized into a more elliptical shape.

The oval base was reshaped into a dome and state-of-the-art drainage was placed 5m apart, as per the drainage photo. New fencing and drainage placed around the perimeter of the oval enhanced the overall finish of the site and ensures that any water that was pooling on the oval will now be drained quickly and efficiently to ensure the surface remains as dry as possible.

On completion of this stage, irrigation, topsoil and then turf sod were completed to achieve the end result that you see today. This oval is now one of the many the City of Ballarat have upgraded in the past few years, making all these ovals usable and enjoyable to play on all year round.

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