Eureka Stadium Construction, Ballarat

Posted on September 1, 2016 in Projects

Eureka Stadium in North Ballarat was nominated as the site for a regional AFL football ground, to be ready for play in the 2017 season. Our parameters of the oval was to duplicate the size of the Docklands stadium with a capacity of approximately 11,000 spectators.

With a project team consisting of consultants, City of Ballarat, AFL and funding from the State of Victoria of $15 million. The existing oval was removed, then relocated and realigned by 32 degrees to meet AFL requirements.

The removal of approximately 11,000 cubic meters of material was required before the formation of the base could start. After completing the rooftop base, the drainage system and gravel layer was then installed to achieve a flat, level, gravel surface. At this stage pillars were placed to eventually support a drop in turf pitch in future years.

The automated irrigation system was installed and the topsoil then applied to achieve an even depth and a flat playing surface that duplicated the gravel layer. Rolled sod was then applied to complete the playing surface.