Docklands Stadium Construction

Posted on September 1, 2012 in Projects

Docklands was built in the year 2000.

The construction project was quite complex with the addition of a retractable roof.

The playing surface had to be constructed while many other trades where using and disturbing the site. With the added base of the playing surface being the concrete roof of the underground car park.

A domed surface is very hard to peg out at anytime, let alone not disturb these pegs with all the other trades needing access.

The first computerised machine controlled levelling machines for turf where created by ‘McMahons’, with a ‘Trimble’ surveying total station and a 3D model created by Gary Thomas (now Yellow Box).

As the photos attached display various stages of the project and the first turf machinery adapted for what is now (twelve years later), a common practice for all major projects.